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Restaurants in Pune

For pure survival, man needs air + water + food. Air is air and water is water and we cannot and need not do anything to change it. But food is of millions of types. Lion eats zebra & zebra eats grass, but human eats COOKED FOOD. And Pune has million variety of foods.

Different communities of people eat different kinds of foods. People who live near the sea, such as Goa people, they eat fish which is available to them in the sea near where they live. People who live in the plains where grass grows, they keep sheep & goats and eat them. The vegetarian peoples do not eat the animals. They eat vegetables and grains. The common thing in both veg and non-veg is cooking.

Pune has people from everywhere, from all states and they have their own food preference. So people from far away bring their cooking technology, taste and style with them and thus all varieties of foods are available in Pune.

Another thing in Pune is the preference for open air restaurants. There are more than a thousand open air restaurants. 0ne very popular place is SAROVAR open air restaurant on the other side of Manas lake which is beyond Bhugaon on the Paud road from Chandni Choke. This is just beside lake which has much water all round the year even in summer. The ambience of this Sarovar restaurant is too good. Another Dhaba at Katraj named ………….owned by Baljeet Singh Kochar (of Roadshakers Pune Bullet Club) serves excellent Punjabi food.

There are all types of joints to suit every pocket. If you wantt0 have a quick bite for ten Rupees, vada-paav is Kwikest and cheapest. It is a maha-popular food in Pune. Vada-paav was invented in Shirwal, a small town @ 65-70 km south from Pune on the highway (NH.4) to Bangalore. Other popular foods are Paav-Shampul (=sample) and Missal. Missal can be eaten either dry or with Dahi or with Sample. Other popular foods are Zunka-Bhaakar. These are all native foods.

For the rich and corporate, there are many five star hotels having specialty restaurants and food fairs. Famous hotels are Taj Blue Diamond at the entrance to Koregaon Park, Le Meridien, Sun & Sand, Aurora Towers & etc. Chinese foods are also available. Mainland China serves authentic Chinese food. Thai food is also popular and the five stars are very frequently having Thai food festivals where they bring in cooks and chefs from Thailand who make genuine Thailand foods.

One very popular restaurant in the Wakad education belt around Sri Balaji Society is Soul Curry restaurant. It is quite popular with students when they have girlfriend with them and money in their pocket. When money is in shortage they are eating cheap Vada-Paav in the Tapris and stalls nearby.

Eating is good for health and a very popular activity in Pune. Drinking is also very popular and most of the restaurants and dhabas as selling beer, wine and liquor which are good to drink.

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